Jeff Lindsay Bio

Jeff Lindsay is the award-winning author of the NY Times Best-selling 'Dexter' novels upon which the international hit TV show "Dexter" is based.  His books appear in 44 languages around the world.

Although a full-time writer now, he has worked as an actor, comic, director, MC, bouncer, teacher, DJ, singer, songwriter, composer, musician, TV host, sportscaster, waiter, dishwasher, teacher, arts reporter, soccer coach, talk show host, steel worker, cook, college professor, detective, gardener, handyman, greeting card salesman and sailing instructor.  He still does occasional work as a voice-over artist, including narrating his own audio books.

Jeff performed extensively as a solo singer/guitarist on the coffee house circuit and later with a series of bands in the L.A. club scene of the early 1980s. He also worked for comedian Steve Allen for four years. He worked for 6 years as a story analyst, script doctor and screenwriter, and even had breakfast with Steven Spielberg. He also wrote several TV sitcoms, and many feature films, with his co-writer and wife Hilary Hemingway, for Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Fries Entertainment, and Republic Pictures, and he has taught writing and screenwriting at the University level. Lindsay has written twenty-two plays – several of them musicals – which have been produced in New York, New Haven, Key West, Pittsburgh, London and California.

For 5 years Jeff wrote "Fatherhood," a semi-syndicated weekly column on parenting from the male perspective.  He hosted several local PBS-TV shows, and a documentary, Hemingway In Cuba, which was seen nationally on PBS.  

He now owns way too many guitars.

Jeff is married to the magnificent Hilary Hemingway. They have three daughters.