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Home page of the real Jeff Lindsay

Here's what the critics said about JUST WATCH ME

“An  exciting book which we hope will become part of a big, best-selling series. This is a great one!”

  --Brad Thor, “The TODAY Show,” NBC; 12/9/19

"A supremely entertaining new thriller by Jeff Lindsay that promises to be the first of a series....“Just Watch Me,” both an exciting crime story and a revealing exploration of the psychology of a master criminal. The writing is tight and vivid, the characters are convincingly portrayed and the action is nonstop."

  -- Bruce Desilva / The Associated Press

"It’s impossible not to get sucked in ..... damn fun to read."

 -- Jef Rouner, Houston Chronicle

"Just Watch Me heralds a major new series, and shows that the Dexter author has plenty of tricks left up his sleeve when it comes to crafting crime fiction."



-- Chosen for USA Today's Five New Books Not To miss.

-- NY Post "Best Book of the Week"


Just Watch Me launches a spectacular projected series. Wolfe shares traits with antihero Dexter Morgan…. but Riley might be the more interesting character in that his methods are more cerebral than bloody.

--Paul Dinh-McCrillis, in trade newsletter Shelf Awareness

The Fourth Rule

The Three great Riley Wolfe Novels!

"Readers Looking for a page turner won't                      be disappointed."  

            -- Publisher's Weekly

Book FOUR in the Riley Wolfe series is coming!

December 9 is publication day for the fourth                       thrilling Riley Wolfe book --                                           THE FOURTH RULE

Impossible doesn't belong in Riley Wolfe's vocabulary. He's a master of heists and disguises, whose life's work is swindling the rich out of their undeserved treasures.
But what will Riley do when he faces an adversary who is also a master? As if breaking into the most powerful cultural institution weren't hard enough, a ruthless collector with a personal vendetta against Riley lurks in the shadows, waiting to strike.
Riley's fourth law says, Even if you're the best there is, watch your back. Because somebody better is coming. It always happens, every time, and you better remember that.

I know I should have.